Scouting Waterloo Region takes safety very seriously. We have operated in-person programs since July 2020 (except during lockdowns, when we had online programs instead). We adjust our protocols as needed to ensure a safe environment and compliance with Ontario Ministry of Health guidance for camps for children.

Our safety measures include the following:

  • Programs take place entirely outdoors where transmission of COVID-19 is much less likely.
  • Our programs are based around small groups and we maintain distancing.
  • Parents must screen their child for COVID-19 symptoms prior to the event using the school screening tool. No one may attend if they do not pass.
  • Everyone must bring their own water bottle, face mask, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and other supplies. There is no sharing of food or other personal items. We practise hand hygiene.
  • If anyone starts to show symptoms during the camp, they will be isolated from everyone else and we will contact parents who must pick them up straight away.
  • If a child gets COVID-19 within 10 days of a Scouting event, the parents are to inform us. We will inform parents of event participants that someone at the event has COVID-19 (no names will be given out).
  • Everyone is encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as you can.