Bevy & Pack planning 2023/24

Planning for the Otter Bevy and Timber Wolf Pack. For every activity: Who is attending? Are there enough adult volunteers with the needed skills? What are the activities? When is the event? Start and end times. Is it a safe time for this activity? Where is the event? Is it a safe location? Are the directions to the meeting point clear? Do we have to make a booking? Why? Does this activity promote the values of Scouting? How are we ensuring the safety of all and the protection of the environment? Do we have the right equipment?


Sep. 17 

  • Don away
  • Huron natural area. orientation for new parents volunteering. hike, snacks, active game

Sep. 24

  • bike ride, wild fruit picking. G2G trail, park at Linwood recreation center. parents to assist in jelly & bring on next meeting

Oct. 15

  • collecting (making?) jelly from wild fruit
  • Don away

Sat., Oct. 21

  • day camp: Rockwood conservation area. 1:00- 7:00. 
  • hotdog campfire
  • pumpkin carving

Nov. 5

  •  (troop Camp Heidelberg nov 3-5 camping). 
  • campfire 

Nov. 19

  • Plan

Dec. 3

  • Plan

Dec. 17

  • Plan

Jan. 26-28

  • Camp Heidelberg booked