Bevy & Pack planning 2023/24

Planning for the Otter Bevy and Timber Wolf Pack. For every activity: Who is attending? Are there enough adult volunteers with the needed skills? What are the activities? When is the event? Start and end times. Is it a safe time for this activity? Where is the event? Is it a safe location? Are the directions to the meeting point clear? Do we have to make a booking? Why? Does this activity promote the values of Scouting? How are we ensuring the safety of all and the protection of the environment? Do we have the right equipment?


Sep. 17 

  • Don away
  • Huron natural area. orientation for new parents volunteering. hike, snacks, active game

Sep. 24

  • bechtel park
  • map orientation
  • wildlife viewing

Oct. 15

  • waterloo park
  • fruit trees ID, walnut seeds
  • set up tarp for rainy weather
  • free time in natural playground

Sat., Oct. 21

  • day camp: Kelso conservation area. 1:00- 7:00. 
  • hike
  • hotdog campfire
  • pumpkin carving
  • games

Nov. 5

  •  (troop Camp Heidelberg nov 3-5 camping). 
  • campfire 

Nov. 19

  • kiwanis park

Dec. 3

  • Briethaupt park. shelter building.

Dec. 17

  • Waterloo park. festival of lights


Jan 7


dressing for the cold weather. types of clothing.

make a sitting pad. supplies: newspaper & milk bags


Jan 14

  • snowshoeing. + tobogganing. meadowlane park

Jan. 26-28 (saturday morn to sun morn)

  • Camp Heidelberg booked
  • open & closing ceremony. flag break on sat morning
  • snow soccer
  • snow hockey
  • bird feeder craft
  • snow shoeing
  • tobogganing
  • build a snowman
  • campfire. build your own
  • look for firewood
  • board games for calm times
  • nighttime activity
  • skits & songs


Feb 11

building  quinzhee, snowman, snowball fight. victoria hills comm center


Feb 25

monarch woods. ice safety

snow fort construction


Mar 17

snowshoeing. & tobogganing. lakeside park

frostbite, hypothermia 

snow soccer. supplies: soccer ball & cones


Mar 24

  • sugar bush visit

snow hockey. supplies: hockey stick, ball, cones. need packed snow

Apr 14

park clean up >Breithaupt park

relating scouting to community activity/ service

supplies to bring: gardening gloves, garbage bags, grabber. remind people about appropriate clothing & footwear

snacks & drinks


Apr 28. 

cycling event. check out Albert Mccormik for loop trail. start & end at skate park

bike, scooter, helmet. bike equipped with brakes. tire pump. wrench kit

helmet fitting. seat fitting.

road safety. signalling. safe riding. skills practice at skate park

hot drinks & snacks


May 12

seedling/ pollinator garden. healthy eating. spring activities in garden

check with mike. location & timing


May 26

windrush park. orientation & location of landmarks. map of the area, locate key features.

hike on trail

game. giant, elves & wizards 

cold drinks


June 9

practice pitch tent. tarp. what to pack for a trip. bring camping supplies to show how i pack. hiking poles.

cold drinks.

monarch woods. lynn valley park


June 21-23

Spring camp. Pinehurst conservation area. group campsite #1 booked.