Ages 11–15

Your child will build confidence and skills through outdoor adventures including camping, bike trips, hiking, first aid, cooking, canoeing, and kayaking. In a small group, your child will practise leadership and teamwork skills.

Everyone has opportunities to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and how to take more responsibility for themselves. The troop is made up of small groups called a patrol with 6–8 members each. Each patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader who is an experienced member of the troop. At camp, under adult supervision, the members of the patrol work together to setup their own campsite, plan their menus, buy food, and cook it. As members of the troop learn skills, they have the opportunity to develop their communication skills by teaching other members of the troop.

Regular troop meetings are once every two weeks, usually for four hours on Sunday afternoons. There are also full-day events, at least 5 weekend camps a year, and a week-long summer camp. The troop has activities every month of the year. At meetings, the troop will learn skills, play games, and prepare for longer activities.

Travel is part of the program. We have had trips to Bermuda, England, the Yukon, New York City, Ohio, and other destinations.

The adult leaders in Scouting are parents and other community volunteers. Join our team and be part of Scouting as you develop your own skills in the great outdoors. Police record check and screening required.

The annual registration fee is $160. The uniform is $40. Weekend camps are usually $50. New members may join year-round.