Ages 11–15: Troop

Your child will build confidence and skills through outdoor adventures including camping, bike trips, hiking, archery, first aid, cooking, and canoeing.

The troop is made up of small groups called a patrol with 6–8 members each. Each patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader who is an experienced member of the troop. At camp, under adult supervision, the members of the patrol work together to setup their own campsite, plan their menus, buy food, and cook it. Everyone has opportunities to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and how to take more responsibility for themselves.

The troop meets once a week for two hours during the school year. At meetings, the troop will play games, learn skills, and prepare for weekend activities.

The outdoors is where Scouting happens. We have weekend camps, a week-long summer camp, and other weekend activities, such as hikes and bike trips.

Our programs are continuing during COVID-19. When permitted, we meet in-person, outdoors, keeping 2 meters apart, and following other guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health. When we cannot meet in person, we meet online.

We have activities every month of the year. Some things we have done over the past several years (pre-COVID; overnight camping is not currently allowed):

  • Annual week-long summer camp
  • 2018 trip to England to attend an international jamboree
  • Attended Jamboree 2017 in Quebec with the Association des Aventuriers de Baden-Powell
  • March Break trips:
    • 2019 trip to Ohio, including the US Air Force Museum and the stalactite-filled Ohio Caverns
    • 2018 trip to Ottawa
    • 2017 trip to New York City
  • Weekend camps approximately every 6 weeks including:
    • Hiking on the Bruce Trail
    • Kick scootering in Niagara and seeing Matilda the Musical in Buffalo
    • Golden Arrow leadership training weekend
    • Winter camp, building snow shelters
    • Bike hike camp in Niagara
  • Rock climbing
  • Skiing
  • Archery
  • International Guild of Knot Tyers meetings